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Improvements of the Software Quality Assurance Process Towards Issues’ Effectiveness in a Global Software Development Environment

In the software industry, the software testing activity’s main objective is to guarantee the quality of products in development, achieving more reliability through the software process. Therefore, it is important to assure that the tasks which are part of the quality process, such as issue analysis, test case development and test execution, are performed effectively. In this context, this paper aims to describe an experience account from a global software development environment, through a study performed between 2020 and 2022, during which were developed improvements in the software process quality, due to the existence of many incorrect issue reports, causing frequent correction of test cases and rework in the test process. Those improvements are related to the implementation of a process flow which focus on the communication of test cases requisites, issues discovered and test execution. Through the implementation of this methodology, there was a reduction of 82% of escaped issues to other software phases, around 76% reduction of test cases correction, and a 79% increase of the registered issues’ effectiveness. Finally, to complement this paper’s results, a qualitative survey was made in which 100% of the test team stated that the improvement of the process through activity feedback is important. Therefore, one might conclude that those improvements brought more effectiveness to the issues discovered in a global software development environment, reducing problems related to the process of assuring software quality.

Flavia Camila Morais de Oliveira - SEL (VALIDATION)
Lennon Correa Chaves - SEL (INNOVATION)
Leonardo de Albuquerque Tiago - SEL (VALIDATION)
Renata Gabriella Vieira de Castro - SEL (VALIDATION)

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